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My Pen

I wrote the first draft of this entry in pen--specifically, a Cross Townsend Medalist Chrome with a .7mm gel rolling ball tip. I've been using this pen as my every-day writing tool for more than ten years. I write with it in my journal all day long. I also write my drafts of poems and other writing with this pen. It fits my hand. That is to say, I enjoy using it. I like the heft, and I like the way the ink flows--particularly with fine-tipped gel ink, which glides smoothly across the page and doesn't blot the letters together. My only complaint is that one ink cartridge doesn't last very long, so I always make sure I have multiple spares.   Even though every poem eventually ends up there, I don't often begin writing with a computer. Poetry isn't a race. I need time to think.   I need space to write in the margins of my initial thinking and to line through things, all of which lets me see through the current version into what I've been thinking al