Listed below are my published poems, beginning with my new book.

 General Discharge (book)  Fomite Press  buy the book here 
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Audio Recordings (the author reading the poem):

Audio Sample of the Audible Audiobook: "The Anti-War Movement, 1974"
"Compline: Camp Casey"
"Descent from Goat Rocks"

Watch for these poems, soon to be published:

"Horae" Main Street Rag
"Moving In" Main Street Rag
"The Maltese Falcon" The MacGuffin

Text of Poem Available On Line (the poem will open in a new window):

"To His Koi" Defenestration (April 2019)
"Compline: Camp Casey"  TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics (vol 6, no 5)  
"It Wasn't the War"  TAB: The Journal of Poetry and Poetics  (vol 6, no 5)
"The Anti-War Movement, 1974"  North American Review (online issue, 2018)
"Data Analytics, Explained"  The Atlanta Review (vol 26, no 1)
"Descent from Goat Rocks"  Caveat Lector (vol 28, no 2)
"Examination of Conscience"  Cafe Review (winter 2018)
"To My Track Driver, On Trial"  Cafe Review (winter 2018)
"Crab Lice" Parody (Autumn 2017)
 "The Man in Flames"  Cafe Review (winter 2017)
"Attack of the Blue Tarp Zombies"  Cafe Review (winter 2017)
 "Cooking Show"  Alimentum: The Literature of Food (September 2012)
"Wasps"  Caveat Lector (vol 23, no 2)

Poems Available in Literary Journals:

"Potluck" Concho River Review (vol 36, no 2)
"Like Fingernails on a Blackboard" Concho River Review (vol 33, no 2)
"Topoi" Door = a Jar (Spring, 2019)
"Spring Cleaning" Door = a Jar (Spring, 2019) 
"Little League Mom" Door = a Jar (Spring, 2019)
"Homeland Security"  New American Writing (issue 36)
"Great Books of the Western World"  New American Writing (issue 36)
"War Games"  Main Street Rag (fall 2018)
"The Faith Healers"  Door = a Jar (Spring, 2018)
"My Regrets"  Door = a Jar (Spring, 2018)
"Within Tolerance" Main Street Rag (summer 2017)
"Road Crew Babe"  Grasslimb (vol 14, no 2)
"Lunch Hour at Pho Saigon"  Grasslimb (vol 14, no 2)
"Father Christmas's Last Stand"  Concho River Review (vol 31, no 2)
"Travel Tip #42"  Sugar House Review (issue 11)
"Hay Fever" Atlanta Review (vol 20, no 1)
PMF Johnson praises the poem in his online review of Atlanta Review on his site Poetry Commentary.
"Smoker"  Confrontation (issue 114)
"Ex Libris"  Grasslimb (vol 13, no 2)
"The Birth of Narnia"  Confrontation (issue 112)
Christopher Lowe cites this poem as one of the reasons "Lit Mag Dazzles With Diverse Array of Styles and Themes" in the website Review Review.
"Prospect from  the Third Seat"  Atlanta Review (vol 18, no 2)
"Corgi Benediction"  Pearl (issue 45)
"Speed Trap"  Grasslimb (vol 3, no 2)
"True Confessions"  Grasslimb (vol 3, no 2)