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It's Alive!

General Discharge is now in the world. And at this moment, I remember something I was told when I was on an army staff somewhere: Once you write a memo, you can't follow it around just so you can explain it to other people ("What I meant to say was..."). It has its own life. As much as I might like to, I can't follow this book around. So I hope each of you will make it your own. I do want to know what in it spoke to you (and I would love to know what it said). And I hope that this book is in some way useful to you on your journey, wherever it takes you.

Embracing Rejection -- Part Three

Embracing Rejection -- Part Three On the eve of General Discharge being published, I thought I would share the story of its finding its way into print. I write poetry about a number of subjects, from nature, to books and movies, to personal recollections about childhood--and the military. After 9/11, I imagined that poetry from a military point of view might be of interest, since we were once again a nation at war. To paraphrase "The Big Short," I wasn't wrong. I was just early (which, as one of the book's/movie's characters retorts, is the same thing.). Most of the military poems I wrote remained unpublished. But others (including musings on nature, books and movies, and recollections of childhood) were picked up by journals from time to time. Still, I continued to write military-themed poems (because I had to). By 2017, I had over two dozen poems in respectable literary journals. And so I thought I would see if I had enough for a book. I tried organizin